Cold Mixes Asphalt Addivitives


Cargill 4160 is a 100 % vegetable based liquid additive which can be used tor plasticing the cold mixed asphalt tor road maintenance.

lnteraction with aggregate leads to improved curing performance over other cold patch formulations. 4160 product is % 100 biobased which has low VOC’s and a high flash point.

AppearanceSiyah, SıvıGörsel
Color18+AOCS Td 1a-64
pH4,5- 6,5AOCS G 7-56
Density @ 20°C g/ml0,8- 0,95ASTM D1475
Viscosity @25°C cP10-100AOCS Ja 10-87
% Moisture<2AOCS Ca 2e – 84
Flash Point Open Cup °C>130AOCS Cc 9a-48

Cargill 4160 can be added 12% to 30% of the bitumen weight to increase plasticity and workability. The addition level varies with the size distribution of the aggregate and bitumen quality and should be determined based on local specifications.

Available in 900 kg of IBC tanks. Bulk shipments available upon request.

To en sure safe storage of the product, containers should be well sealed and must be stored 5-25°C tor maximum of 12 months

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