Gravel is a material widely used in construction and road construction. Gravel is obtained by crushing natural stones or by special preparation. Different sizes of stone chips are used according to the work done. The chip sieving and washing process is an important step in making the gravel ready for use.

The chip sieving process is used to separate the stone chips into the desired size. The size of the gravel depends on the requirements of the project. For this reason, the chip sieving process ensures that a certain size is obtained. The screening process is usually carried out using special equipment. Sieving is primarily a process to separate large pieces of crushed stone. Afterwards, the gravel is sifted to break it into smaller pieces.

Grit washing process is done to make the gravel cleaner and ready for use. Gravel can be naturally muddy, dusty or sandy. Therefore, the chip washing process ensures that the stone chips are free of unwanted materials. The washing process is usually carried out using special washing equipment.

The stone chip washing process includes the use of water to remove unwanted materials from the stone chips. The washing process begins with the removal of large stones first. Then, the stone chips are washed in the washing machine. The washing process is carried out using water and pressure. This process ensures that dirt, dust and other residues are removed from the surface of the gravel. After the washing process, the chip surface is cleaned and ready for use.

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