Bitumen Based Hot Applied Crack Repair Material


The joint sealant is suitable tor the sealing of joints in all concrete and asphalt pavements.

BIGUMA -TL82 fulfils the requirements of “the Technical Delivery Conditions tor bituminous joint sealants” (TL Fug-Stb 01) and DIN EN 14188-1, Type N2 BIGUMA -TL82 or the produced joints distinguish itself by the following.

  • Plastic elastic set, therefore optimum balance between high movement accommodation and stress relief within thejoint
  • Designed tor a possibly change in the joint width of up to 25% • Good application characteristics at heat and at cold.
  • Good bonding at bituminous and mineral subsoil
  • High ageing resistance of the joint.
  • Resistant against aqueous solutions, salts and thinned acids, or similar.
  • Bituminous building material and therefore problem- free recyclable

BIGUMA-TL82 has to be heated carefully to the application temperature of 160 – 180 °C in a boiler equipped with mechanical agitation, indirect heating and thermometer. The temperature of the sealant must be thermostatically regulated; it must be controllable at all times. Overheating of the sealant should necessarily be avoided, as this will damage the polymers, which were added tor the improvement of the product, and consequently it will lead to a loss of the guaranteed properties.

The concrete and asphalt joints to be sealed should be thoroughly blown with high-pressure-air or cleaned with a brushing machine it necessary, whereas you have to pay attention to special separation of cleaning and application works. For artificial dry-out or pre-heating of the joints, hot compressed air lances can be used. For BIGUMA- TL82 the primer COLZUMIX®-Haftgrund has to be used, which is adapted to this material. The function of the primer is to bind the dust bonding at the concrete or asphalt and to form an adhesive layer, which will fuse with the sealant being filled into the joints. The primer must cover the joint flanks completely by forming a film. it is recommendable to prime at both sides a stripe of approx. 1 cm width of the pavement. Before filling the joints the applied primer must have dried, i. e. the surface must be touch­dry. The primed joint has to dry and be free from dust to guarantee an intensive bond to the concrete or the asphalt.

BIGUMA® – TL 82 can be applied by can or mechanical by the help of an application lance. The joint sealant must have reached the indicated application temperature during pouring work. lf the pouring temperature is clearly below the stated temperature, the flow ability of the sealant suffers. The joint sealants may possibly not fili the to be poured joints completely. There is the danger that voids may occur which later can result in sinking of the sealant under rolling traffic. Before the application of BIGUMA-TL82 a bedding material is possibly to apply. Through the bedding material the height of the joint sealant in the joint will be modulated.
At the same time a leaking of the compound into possibly existing voids and the three-flank bonding will be prevented. A three-flank bonding may lead to a failure of the joint sealant caused bythe tension.
The cooling of the sealant may cause shrinkage dependent on the joint dimensions; a second pouring can be necessary. This second pouring should be made immediately after the first one. The material has to be poured under flushing. 

The prepared joints are only allowed to be sealed at dry weather conditions and at a surface temperature of the building part of 0°C.

The joint sealant will be filled into thin metal tins (hobbocks) and transported on nan returnable pallets. A separation agent coating and the welted type of the hobbocks guarantee a fast, problem-free and safe removal of the mass aut of the tin. The removed blocks can be filled into the heater together with the probablystill adherent separation agent coating.

Thin metal tins30 Kg, 10 Kg
Cartons25 Kg, 10 Kg
Application temperature:Approx 160-180 °C
Density:Approx 1, 1 g/cm3
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