Hot asphalt is a material used in the construction and renovation of asphalt surfaces. It is generally preferred in heavily used areas such as high-traffic roads, highways, airports and industrial facilities.

Hot asphalt consists of a mixture of bitumen and aggregate (materials such as stone, sand, gravel). Bitumen is a material obtained in oil refineries and provides the adhesive properties of hot asphalt. Aggregate, on the other hand, provides structural strength in the mixture and resists the heat of the bitumen.

Hot asphalt application is carried out with special equipment. First, the surface is cleaned and any cracks or voids are filled. Next, the bitumen mix is prepared and an asphalt roller is used to warm it up. After the bitumen mixture is heated, it is mixed with the aggregate and loaded into the asphalt roller. The asphalt roller applies the bitumen mixture to the surface and smoothes it.

It may vary depending on the air temperature. In cold weather conditions, the bitumen mixture may cool faster and the application time may be shortened. In hot weather conditions, the bitumen mixture may dry faster and cracks may appear on the surface.

Hot asphalt application is an effective method for creating a high quality road surface. However, it requires special equipment and experienced workers during application and is therefore costly.

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