Asphalt surfaces can develop cracks and gaps over time. In this case, the durability and life of asphalt decreases. Cracks and gaps can also threaten safety for drivers and pedestrians. For this reason, it is important to regularly check asphalt surfaces and make any necessary repairs. Asphalt crack joint repair is a method used to fill cracks and gaps and renew the surface.

First, cracks and gaps are cleaned. This includes removing sand, gravel and other debris from the surface. Next, the old fillings in the joints are removed. This ensures better adhesion of the new sealant.

Next, new filling material is prepared. This material is usually a bitumen mixture. Bitumen is also used in asphalt crack joint repair application as in many road construction materials. Bitumen provides adhesion to the surface and protects the surface from water and other elements.

The prepared bitumen mixture is filled into cracks and cavities. This process is carried out using a special machine. The machine distributes the bitumen mixture evenly on the surface, ensuring that the surface is smooth and even.

Asphalt crack joint repair application is a fast and economical method. It also extends the life of the surface and creates a safer road surface for drivers and pedestrians.

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